Coffee & Tea @ Tortuga

Beginning this Friday, the Tortuga Coffee & Tea Shop will be open from 7am-10am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sarah Cummings is at the helm with a bright smile, warm welcome and hot drinks.

Come on by!


Coffee & Tea @ Tortuga

Open hours Friday, Saturday & Sunday 7-10am

Sarah Cummings, Bean Slinger has this to say:

Hi! I am Sarah, and I am going to be slinging beans this weekend at Tortuga's Creative Arts Fair! 

We will have gourmet coffee, Jill's delicious chai tea, cocoa, espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, mochas and more! 

Come enjoy a tasty coffee beverage, a pastry or bagel with a shmear, or a handmade breakfast burrito. 

Slinging beans for the Creative Arts Fair!

Arts Fair is ready and includes a coffee shop!

There is a full roster of artists and creatives for the Friends of Tortuga Creative Arts Fair 2018.

We are excited to announce that Sarah Cummings has agreed to run the kitchen space as a coffee shop for the days of the fair.

Opening night is Thursday November 29.

Shopping hours:

Thursday November 29 6-9pm.

Friday November 30 from 11am to 8pm.

Saturday December 1 from 10am until 6pm.

Tortuga Love_LesleyLong.jpg

Friends of Tortuga Creative Arts Fair

Calling for Artists for "Friends of Tortuga Creative Arts Fair"

Come join the fun!

Our annual Friends of Tortuga Creative Arts Fair is planned for Thursday November 29 through Saturday December 1. Set up for artists will be from noon until 5 pm, with shopping beginning at 6pm.

We will have a coffee/tea shop running in the kitchen area and various activities in the main part of the gallery.

There are still a few slots left for artists to participate, so if you are a creative, please click on the “Creative Arts 2018” tab on this website.

Closing Celebration for 64 Hexagrams by Denise Weaver Ross

Special Bonus during this Saturday’s closing event: All 64 of the 8 x 8” hexagram prints that are on display on the west wall are on sale for only $25 each! These are printed on hardboard and ready to display. Also, this is the last chance to see all 64 Hexagram original paintings in one place.

The evening starts at 6pm and there will be a reading of art inspired poems starting at 8pm.

Please stop by!


Blake Whyte in concert this Thursday

Traveling from New York, Blake Whyte is in Albuquerque with his wife who is performing with Wicked at Albuquerque’s Popejoy Hall. His upbeat tunes explore the challenges we all face in life.

Music of Blake Whyte

A dynamic actor, songwriter, and vocalist with supreme soul. Unpredictable, yet fluid, and freely authentic. Blake creates experiences that reawaken our strong bonds to the earth and humanity. He is a Broadway actor, singer/songwriter, and brand new father, who brings humor, improvisation, and great storytelling to his live shows. He has starred in the shows 'Wicked' and 'Mamma Mia!' on Broadway.

You don’t want to miss this one.

Thursday 7pm


While the Mural goes up outside, Denise Weaver Ross' Hexagram show goes up inside.

The first 64 hexagrams of the I Ching are represented visually in Denise Weaver Ross’ paintings. This month long show opens this Friday at 6pm.

For a sneak peek, plan to come to hear the sounds of singer/songwriter Tim Stokes from Australia. He begins his US tour at Tortuga on Thursday October 4 starting at 7pm. $10 cover.

Tim Stokes' music can open your heart, expand your mind and get your body grooving with songs that branch the bridges between ages, generations and walks of life. He shares songs sewn with hope, love and light, reminding us the “cracks are there for the light to shine in.”


Mural update

The muralists, Denise Weaver Ross and Roe LiBretto are adding more paint each day. Joel Davis has been working in his studio to prepare the tile for the mosaic on the east door.

You can find them here M-F between 2-6pm to have a look at the progress.

We continue to accept contributions through Go Fund Me or in person at the gallery.

Click on the mural tab for more info about sponsoring a portion of the mural. Thanks!

Bosque Mural @ Tortuga- happening Now!!

Wall prep for the mural began last week: the stucco was patched and repaired by Gilbert Chavez who has worked with muralist Denise Weaver Ross in the past.

The primer coat will be applied on Monday by the primer team headed by Jay Spang.

Meanwhile, Denise and Roe and a group of volunteers have been cutting the stencils to prepare them for application onto the building. It is an impressive process and all are welcome to view the work in progress. Stencil cutting will continue next Thursday and Friday (September 20 and 21) between 1 and 5pm.

Fundraising is ongoing- we are about halfway to our goal and this last portion is needed to rent a lift to get the artists up to those hard to reach places and of course to buy materials and pay the artists. All are invited to sponsor an animal or plant for the mural. Sponsors will receive of print of that animal or plant and have their name on the plaque after the mural is complete.

Come to Tortuga to fill out a sponsor sheet or use this link: Bosque Mural.

Thank you!!


Change the date for the "No-Plastic Potluck" and Mural updates

The date for the “No-Plastic Potluck” is now Sunday September 23 starting at 5pm.

“What is a “No-Plastic Potluck?” one may wonder. Well, as we celebrate reducing waste with “Transformations: A Show of Recycled Art”, we are aware that another way to reduce our footprint on our Earth is to work toward producing less waste and particularly less plastic waste.

While some plastic may be recycled, it is often referred to as down-cycling, since once plastic is produced, it is with us for a long time.

The challenge for this shared meal is to produce a dish and bring it using no plastic. We will share our experiences during the meal and watch a short video.

BONUS: Jude Tripp, one of the artists for Transformations is also a storyteller and will share with us:


Sit back, relax, open your ears, listen from your heart and share in the space of story as Jude Tripp takes you on a transformative journey through the telling of traditional world tales.

Having spent many years on far, far away where she was a community and English Language storyteller, Jude Tripp has returned to the US with the aim to add her contribution to storying us together, into community and into ourselves.


Bosque Mural Update

This week, while the wall is being prepped for the mural OUTSIDE, Denise will be working INSIDE to create the stencils that are needed to enlarge and transfer the mural image to the wall.

If you want to help and are good with scissors, come to Tortuga between 1 and 5pm on Thursday and Friday September 13 and 14.

Tortuga Mural Side copy.jpg

The view of the mural as it will be on the north side of Tortuga Gallery, facing Pacific Avenue.

Fun Events this week with "The Good Life: Extended Nature" on view

Tuesday August 7 Tuesday @7pm Poetry Playhouse presents "Survival". Reading and refreshments, books available for sale.

Thursday August 9 @ 10am- 12 noon- Makers Time. All creatives are welcome to bring a project to work on and share space with others

August 9 @ 6pm- Game Night

Friday August 10 @ 7pm- Storytelling: Joe Hays, Kathy Sax and Steven Pla tell stories of the Great Outdoors. $10

Saturday August 11 from 10am to 5pm watch the creation of "Electric Desert".

Saturday August 11 5:30pm- 9:00pm- Dance party in the Electric Desert. $5


No Hours this Friday

Tortuga will be closed on Friday July 27 and will open on Saturday July 28 to prepare for Baile with Lone Piñon and Bayou Seco.

Potluck at 6pm

Music and dance at 7pm.

$10 cover


Raffle Winners Update

There has been a change in the raffle winners.  Fred Houdek of the Sierra Club has graciously allowed his winning number to be returned to the basket allowing another lucky individual to receive art by the mural artists. Thank you Fred!

Henrietta Duran is the winner of Roe Libretto's "Birthing the Joyful Self".

Liza Wolff is the winner of "How to Survive the Space-Time Continuum" by Denise Weaver Ross

Lucas Chavez is the winner of Joel Davis' amazing sculpture, "Self Portrait".

Congratulations to all!

Support for the mural continues with the Go Fund Me campaign.

You can sponsor an animal and contribute to the mural project at Tortuga Gallery as well.

Raffle Winners Announced!

We had a great turnout at Tortuga for today's Artful Saturday.

The drawing for the art raffle happened at about 4:45 and here are the winners:

Lucas Chavez was the winner of Roe Libretto's "Birthing the Joyful Self.

Fred Houdek was the winner of "How to Survive the Space-Time Continuum" by Denise Weaver Ross

Liza Wolff is the winner of Joel Davis' amazing sculpture, "Self Portrait"

Thank you to all who purchased tickets in support of the Bosque Mural.  

Mural Fest Raffle Tickets available now!

Plans for the mural are coming together. The mock up is on display in the gallery, the mural artists have put together a show of their work, each artist has donated a piece for the Mural Raffle and tickets are on sale now!

Buy tickets here or come to Tortuga to purchase one in person!

American Badger.jpg


The American Badger is one of many plants and animals available to sponsor for Tortuga's mural project.