Denise Weave Ross with "House of Cards: The Whole Deck" October 2015

This long awaited show has been almost 3 years in the making.  Denise began her deck of cards in 2012 with the heart suit.   The clubs in a traditional deck became trees in Denise's inspired version of cards.  When the first two suits were complete, Tortuga hosted the "My Heart is in the Trees" show in February of 2014. 

Now, all is complete: the diamonds became stars and the spades became bones and the whole deck is on display in Tortuga for the month of October.  This is the only time that the entire work will be viewed as a whole as the original pieces are up for auction.  Bidding is in process now.  Go to  You may place a bid on any of the originals and the bidding will close on October 31, 2015 at midnight. Opening bid is $500.  Any amount over $500 will be donated to organizations that help people with sickle cell disease.  Many of the images tell a part of her story.  Her husband died of sickle cell 14 years ago and this project has been in part a tribute to him and a way of processing life without him.

Books of poetry, cards and giclees are available at Tortuga.  There is a limited number of decks of cards available for sale.  Profits from the card decks will go to "The Sickle Cell Warriors", a non-profit that advocates for people living with sickle cell.

Please see the events page for everything that is happening here during this show. 

Tortuga is open on Wednesdays and Fridays from 1-5 and also for events.  Additional viewing times are easily arranged by calling Pax at 505-506-0820 or Jill at 505-948-8840 or Denise at 505-415-4213.  We are usually nearby.