How Tortuga Sees Plastic

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Plastic Alternatives

We strive to be a sustainable and responsible member of our community and have been aware for a while about the negative effects that plastic has on our environment.  Our goal is to become a zero waste facility. 

There are two easy first steps that help reduce the amount of plastic thrown away daily.  One is single use water bottles. We appreciate all of the Tortuga community for joining us in this crucial step in combating plastic waste by utilizing our provided reusable cups and filtered water. 

The other easy change is to stop the use of single use plastic bags.  We had our first "No Plastic Potluck" and gave away reusable cloth bags.  The next potluck will be announced soon and we will continue the conversation about how to reduce our consumption of plastic.

Here is a link to a short video with Jeff Bridges, spokesman for the Plastic Pollution Coalition called"Open Your Eyes".

 Tortuga Gallery is proud to be an active participant in the global efforts to reduce plastic waste. Together all of us worldwide can reduce this unnecessary pollution!