This week at Tortuga: music, writing, games and a last look at "The Blues Show" by A.R.T.

Makers Time

  • Every Thursday is Makers Time from 10am until noon. Bring a project to work on, and share conversation and inspiration.

Game Night

  • Second Thursday is April 10 this month and that means Game Night at Tortuga. Starts at 6pm: bring a game and a friend and a snack to share. By donation. Mugs will be open.

Blue Mesa Review

  • Friday April 12 starting at 7pm is Blue Mesa Review- This month features the Lena Todd award winners read their work.
    Blue Mesa Review's Works in Progress series features readings by students and faculty from the University of New Mexico's MFA program.
    Readers: Brandi Lords, Savannah Holden, Liany Ruiz, and Lydia Andrews.

Leslie Hudson in Concert


    Joy | Allure | Trust | Sorrow | Inquiry | Justice | Sovereignty | Fury | Trauma | Empathy | Grace | Defiance | Passion

    Leslie Hudson is what happens when Tori Amos and Loreena McKennitt swap set lists, and folktales become character studies of the female psyche. A powerhouse vocalist with piano in tow, this endlessly touring musician is wending her way from the west coast home to ON playing songs that illustrate the Inner Circle of the mind, aspects to which we give voice. With inspiration drawn from life, history, myth and pop culture, this award-winning songwriter cuts deep to the marrow of story and sings it to the surface. Raw passion, arresting performance, music that matters.