Change the date for the "No-Plastic Potluck" and Mural updates

The date for the “No-Plastic Potluck” is now Sunday September 23 starting at 5pm.

“What is a “No-Plastic Potluck?” one may wonder. Well, as we celebrate reducing waste with “Transformations: A Show of Recycled Art”, we are aware that another way to reduce our footprint on our Earth is to work toward producing less waste and particularly less plastic waste.

While some plastic may be recycled, it is often referred to as down-cycling, since once plastic is produced, it is with us for a long time.

The challenge for this shared meal is to produce a dish and bring it using no plastic. We will share our experiences during the meal and watch a short video.

BONUS: Jude Tripp, one of the artists for Transformations is also a storyteller and will share with us:


Sit back, relax, open your ears, listen from your heart and share in the space of story as Jude Tripp takes you on a transformative journey through the telling of traditional world tales.

Having spent many years on far, far away where she was a community and English Language storyteller, Jude Tripp has returned to the US with the aim to add her contribution to storying us together, into community and into ourselves.


Bosque Mural Update

This week, while the wall is being prepped for the mural OUTSIDE, Denise will be working INSIDE to create the stencils that are needed to enlarge and transfer the mural image to the wall.

If you want to help and are good with scissors, come to Tortuga between 1 and 5pm on Thursday and Friday September 13 and 14.

Tortuga Mural Side copy.jpg

The view of the mural as it will be on the north side of Tortuga Gallery, facing Pacific Avenue.