"Re-Birth A Show of the Rainbow Artists" continues

Tortuga is open on Thursday and Friday from 1-5pm until the closing of the Re-Birth show on Friday June 1 from 6-8pm.

These 24 artists have shared thier creativity with Tortuga this month:

Angela Storch, Anna-Lena Toledo, Barbara Endicott, Carol Adamec, Caroline LeBlanc, Deborah Welch, Eliza Schmid, Ginger Quinn, Grace Collins, Hilary Heyl, Ilona Halderman, Jackie Hertel, Janice Wentworth, Janine Wilson, Joan Fenicle, Leslie R Kryder, Marian Berg, Martha Heard, Mary DuBois, Nova Denise, Sondra Diepen, Sue Pine & Suzanne Visor.

If you haven't taken the time to come and see, now is your chance.