Music coming this weekend +

On Saturday September 16, Tortuga is the lucky place to be: Ken Keppeler and Jeanie McLerie form the heart of Bayou Seco. They have been playing the music of the Southwest including Chilegumbo - Cajun two-steps, waltzes, polkas and rancheras, chotis's, meringues and huapangos. The sound crosses cultural definitions, is multi-lingual and transcends labels. 

Bayou Seco will be receiving an award from the governor's office and Saturday we celebrate!

Cover $8-20

To stretch the weekend out just a bit, on Monday September 18, the Luke Gullickson Trio is celebrating the release of Wilderness, an album inspired by the Sabinoso Wilderness in northern New Mexico -- ringed by private land, this area is currently the only federally designated wilderness inaccessible to the public. Gullickson (guitar, Rhodes piano) will be joined by cellist Lisa Donald and violinist Donna Bacon to perform music from the album. Opening the evening is a solo set by the rambling Texas-based guitarist and musical explorer Andrew Weathers.