Summer Collective's closing Days...

First Friday in August will mark the closing celebration for this year's Summer Collective.  Julie Brokken, Roe Libretto, Lesley Long, Mauny Muray, Eliza M Schmid, Risa Taylor, suzanne Visor, Denise Weaver Ross & Ilene Weiss will join Tortuga on Friday August 4 for a last look at the art in this space.  Kookie Jones will add his musical style to keep us hopping! 

But wait!- before that, this Sunday, there is a chance to attend an Astrology 101 class with psychotherapist and astrologer Dana Darrow.  Cost for this intro class is only $30. Sunday July 30 from 3-5pm.

Looking ahead:    Saturday August 5 Bad Mouth series New Mexico Allstars 7pm $10-20