Ascension plus Saturday's Celebration for Los Tres Fantásticos

The Tortuga community is a source of encouragement and collaboration and this weekend all are welcome to join together on Friday evening for a unique experience "Ascension: Gongs and Poetry" with Stan Renfro and Ron Kalinoski. The event will begin at 7pm. A $10 donation is requested.


Ahhh, autumn!

Simply the best with harvest, blue skies, crisp air and cozy evenings. In New Mexico, we experience the best of light, air and sights.



Los Tres Fantasticos



Saturday evening, we will celebrate the October show, "Los Tres Fantásticos, More than Meets the Eye." These three artists, Santiago Perez, Joshua Franco and Derrick Montez will be attending.



Little Beast will join Daddy Long Loin to entertain and delight.



Costumes welcome, light refreshments.