Coming next month- Transformations

From September 14 through October 1, 2016, Tortuga will host the recycled art show, "Transformations". 

Art in this show must be created from recycled, repurposed, up-cycled or reused materials.  Here are the guidelines: 

If you are interested, please send 2 images via email ( by August 30th.  You will receive a confirmation email to proceed.  The fee structure has changed:

            $20 for one to three items. 

$40 for three or more items.  

The total sales amount will go to the artist.  Artists will handle all sales.

  Bring art and fee to Tortuga on Wednesday September 14 between noon and 6pm.   All pieces should be approximately 80% repurposed or recycled material. 

Show opens Saturday September 17 and closes Saturday October 1, 2016.