July news

Words & Images

The Rainbow Artists Collective show, "Words & Images" will have a closing celebration day this Saturday July 9, 2016.  Here's the schedule:

  • 4pm Art demo with Suzanne Visor, creator of the exquisite painted silk panels.
  • 5pm Artist talks featuring Barbara Endicott, Nova Denise and Hilary Hyle.
  • 6pm Closing Celebration begins
  • 7pm Music of C'est Bon

Dance Party

"Queers Against Fear Dance Party is joining forces with visiting folk-hop musician and foster youth & trans advocate SHEA FREEDOM to create an evening of queer community magic!! Come dance dazzle and drip with divinity like you do. Dance 7-9, prelude to Shea's highly anticipated set...
All ages event, wheelchair accessible, no heavy scents please.
$5-10 sliding scale to support Shea, his projects, and Tortuga.
If you're feeling mellow come chill in the garden out back. Invite friends, this will be special ♥

Forms of Life

July 16 at 6pm opens a very unique show for Tortuga.  Approximately 50 artists have agreed to create art from pottery forms that were created by the late Bill Freeman.  Jade Leyva will be on hand for the opening to explain the process used to create pots from the forms.  Several of Bill's pottery will also be on display.  Check out the events page for some images.  Forms of Life will remain on display until July 27.