Wintertime schedule & Happy Solstice

In winter, turtles usually take a break and do some hibernating and so Tortuga will do a bit of this, coming out occasionally to check the forecast.  

Here is what will be happening in December and January:

     Game nights will happen on the third Thursday- that is December 15 and January 19 starting at 5:30pm.

     There is a 'Call for Art' happening right now.  From now until January 8, we invite all artists to submit work for the first "Turtle Show" which will be on view during February 2017.  See the Turtle Show tab for more details. 

     Turtle Show will open with a variety of artists on February 3, 2017.  There will be no regular hours until then, so stay warm and hug your loves. 

Jill & Pax

An addition to the January schedule is a benefit for the Women's March on Washington, NM.  There will be an art auction, food, music and community gathering in support of the women traveling to Washington DC.  See the EVENT tab for more info.

Hope to see you here!