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Lamentations & Redolence with David McKee and Christopher Spatz

Lamentations & Redolence @ Tortuga
David McKee and Christopher Spatz 

Lamentations- David’s paintings

Redolence- Christopher’s photographs

These both point to much of what is right in this world: a spark of color, a hint of truth, a seed of new.

Perhaps another title could be “Hope in Spring”. 

May 3-31, 2019

David S McKee - My series titled: Lamentations is a body of work consisting of ten mixed media collage paintings, and in part, Lamentations is loosely based on Dante’s Inferno and my own personal struggles in life. Dante's Inferno begins when Dante falls asleep and loses his way on the journey through life. I also found myself sleep-walking through life until I underwent a transformative experience. This body of work does not explicitly follow Dante’s trip through the various levels of Hell but instead mirrors my own path and wakeup call. With the Lamentation Series, I’m seeking a fresh start to my journey in life as well as my journey as an artist.
Christopher Spatz - The varied landscapes of the American Southwest hold a particular fascination for me…the prehistoric ruins of New Mexico and the Four Corners region—a sense of history, a sense of mystery—images of magical places, expertly built and inhabited by Stone Age cultures for generations, and abruptly abandoned centuries before the arrival of the European conquerors and inquisitors. Intriguing, nostalgic…the solitude and ambience in the slow awakening of the Bosque along the Rio Grande, looking east to the rising sun on a summer morning…or a study of the artistry of an historic craft. Observations noting dramatic changes to scenery with which I’ve been familiar since boyhood…images unfixed to a specific time, landscapes with uneasy juxtapositions of the modern manmade…abstraction in confluence with veracity.

Redolence—a bringing to mind, an invitation to reminiscence... more precisely a pleasant odor or fragrance. I respond to the notion that photographic images, like scents, can unexpectedly summon strong recollections. This offering of images may be evocative, suggestive, symbolic.

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