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Music of North India workshop - Intro to Raag, Taal, Naad Yoga

This workshop consists of three parts. In each part we will explore a distinct aspect of the music of North India, all of which combine to complete the whole.

First 50 minutes: Introduction to sur (melody), names of notes (sargam), raag (melodic framework), swaras (musical notes) through vocalizing and playing harmonium. Led by Rupan. Participants bring their voices and, if they have, a harmonium or tanpura. Participants will learn a simple song, sung with tabla accompaniment. Depending on the gender ratio, we will sing in G#/A flat or B flat. Pharticipants with no musical background will be shown how to produced these sounds on the harmonium.

Second 45 minutes: Introduction to taal (rhythm) through clapping and percussion exercises. Participants will learn simple rhythmic compositions. Led by Uddalak. Participants bring their tabla or other hand percussion instrument. Everyone must participate in these exercises, not just percussionists!

Final 45 minutes: We will explore the swara-s (musical notes) and their relationship to chakras (energy centers along the front spine) through a combination of deeply mindful vocalizing, breathing, and meditation. We will review the song taught in the first section, putting it together with the taal to which it is set.

Well-behaved children 9 and up are welcome.

Tickets $40-50 available through Eventbrite. Here is the link: Workshop