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Meditation Class Series

With the all the frenzy and the daily OMGs in the news, we need somewhere to go for a mental and spiritual time-out. With that in mind, during the month of October in cities all over the country, Science of Spirituality will be hosting Spiritual Awareness through Meditation, four classes about learning how to tune out the ceaseless background noise of the world, access the peace you find within yourself in meditation, and discover your real power–the power of your soul.

Each individual class, Meditation: the Key to Learning Who You Really Are, Transforming Your Life through Meditation, The Secret to Living Consciously, and Blueprint for Spiritual Awakening, will include meditation instructions and a meditation period. You can attend any or all sessions.

As with all SOS programs, these classes are free.

Contact Deborah: 630-530-5697

                  Wednesday November 13, 2019

                  Tuesday November 19, 2019

                  Wednesday December 4, 2019