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Ascension: Gongs & Poetry

Stan Renfro, Poet and Ron Kalinoski, Gong Artist will create an evening of soundscape and poetry.

A Poetry Selection

I choose poets engaged with life. Now
more than ever, that commitment is called
for. These men and women wrote for a race
and refine for us a way to focus our ardor
for existence. – Stan Renfro

Tone Poems for Gong

Gongs speak and sing with many voices and usually with several different voices simultaneously. If you listen carefully, you will often hear 5 or more voices at once, all at different frequencies, resonances and rhythm (or pulse rate). Gongs are capable of surprising lyricism. They tell a story about a journey through a landscape made of sound. This landscape has features that trigger emotional reactions in the listener. These reactions then stimulate the imagination to create a narrative, similar to how dreaming works, but in this case, it is a conscious experience. People with robust imaginations go to some remarkable places. In the current work, the Tone Poems are constructed to relate to the collection of poems selected by Stan.

- Ron Kalinoski