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AERS Music

AERS, a collaboration between Tasha Abbott and Zack Nestel-Patt based in

New York City and Los Angeles, creates music that speaks to the ethereal. The

songs layer instruments and textures to swirl around the dark poeticism of the

lyrics. Influenced by artist such as Beach House, Radiohead, Bjork, and Linda

Perhacs, AERS uses ambient textures and dreamy vocals to create an other

worldly sonic landscape.

Check them out here:

$8-12 sliding scale

AERS’ debut EP, Blue Tempest, produced by Patrick Canaday (Moons) is out



“AERS is Tasha Abbott and Zack Nestel-Patt, currently based out of Brooklyn,

New York. Their stunning arrangements liken the sounds of Grizzly Bear and

Sigur Ros, channeling both as influences.”

- Skope Magazine

“The duo of Tasha Abbott and Zack Nestel-Patt have created one of the most

storm calming cycles to better guide the fall transitions into the harvest season.”

- Impose Magazine

“Listening to [Blue Tempest] over and over, like I have this morning, should leave

you in a most delightful trance.“

- Lady Indie