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Mergatroidnica: A Show of Cut Outs by Santiago Perez

The exhibit will consist of cut outs by Santiago Perez that he has made an integral part of his work.  They are basically paintings of forms; forms that he cuts out of wood or hardboard, taking the shapes of practically anything he has a mind to paint: people, animals, imaginary creatures, etc.  

There is a group of black and white cut outs of people in angsty poses or looks; this the "worried" human part of the show.  

There is another group of what he calls weird portraits.  However, in the main part of the show, he focuses on a world of characters that reference various artists, including Picasso and Brueghel, as well as cartoon and comics greats.  

He throws in his Mergatroids and Eggmen, Furry Creatures and other creations, like the Bochie and the Tufty Men.  Squiggly creatures slither down the walls and many other cut outs, in a "state" of falling, since it does reference Brueghel's Fall of the Angels, creating an anarchic collision of excitement, oddness, a bit of danger, and, mostly humor, all colorful painted and arranged for maximum enjoyment.