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Peace Day & closing of "Transformations"

The recycled, up cycled and repurposed art show, "Transformations" will have a last look on an auspicious day-  Peace Day 2014.

All Day Pot Luck

 Events include:

12 noon Start of the Sand Mandala Creation with Ramona Snow Teo

Didgeridoo with RevLerev Tsolwizar

1pm "Garbage as a Resource & the Future of our Economy with heART" with Jesse Kalapa

2pm "Intro to Galactic Timekeeping with the Mayan Calendar" with Lorence Conner

3pm Yoga with Allisun

4pm Conscious Feminine Hip-Hop with Asliani

5pm  Foot Percussion with the Wychdokta

6pm  Element 37

7pm Dance Party for Peace with Blissbot